Gabby is an internationally published photographer, with a focus on creating intentional vibrant imagery.

When she was 14, she was gifted a camera to take photos of her holiday adventures. At 17, she used her first big pay to buy her first SLR camera. Having a passion for live music, she took photos of bands and artists to see them for free. After doing that for a while, her artist friends she made along the way would ask her to take social media and publicity photos. 


Now with an international portfolio, Gabby freelances taking PORTRAIT, FASHION & LIFESTYLE photos for magazines and brands, working with artist’s, public figures & celebrities. 


  • URBAN 2019, 2020 (fashion category)


  • Fen Hong Se Magazine

  • Imirage Magazine 

  • Lakme Fashion Magazine

  • Only One Magazine

For any booking enquiries please get in contact via email gabbygriggsphotography@gmail.com